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Monday Mamarrazi Tips!

I bet some of you are wondering what on earth “mamarrazi” is….Well it’s much like a paparazzi only instead of fanatically trying to photograph a celebrity, you’re trying to photograph your own little monsters…ahem, I mean sweet children. (  <—- I can say that because I have 3!)

As written by the Urban Dictionary, mamarrazi areMothers who constantly follow their children around with several cameras and video taking equipment, snapping photos at each turn and documenting each milestone or event with at least two dozen photos and a video.” 

There, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the point of this post… on how to photograph our little ones!  Photographing your own children (or any children, really) can be a challenging and frustrating task!  They run all over, refuse to look at you, and give you the infamous “cheese” smile when you finally get them to sit still and look at you!  Ugh!

When this happens, it’s so easy as a mother to get upset, start making demands and hollering at the small people.  When Momma gets upset, the kids also get upset and you can pretty much call it a day at that point. 

I’ve come up with a few tips that will hopefully make taking photos of your children an easier and much more enjoyable experience (maybe even FUN…whaaaa?!).

1) Probably the most important…STAY CALM and don’t bark orders!!!  When you get upset, so do the kids and then they really aren’t going to want their photos taken. Also, “Jimmy! Sit here and be good….now smile!” isn’t going to get you very desirable results either. 

2) Make it fun!  Let them run around and play.  Chase them around, play with them, roll around on the ground all while snapping away getting beautiful candid shots.  You can even throw in a “Hey, what’s this?!” to get them to look and with a little luck you’ll capture a “hey, what’s that?” look!

3) Don’t be afraid to be completely silly to get a great, natural smile out of your kiddo.  Dance silly (yes, in PUBLIC), sing, make silly sounds.  Do anything that you think will make your child laugh.  It maybe easier for you to delegate this task to Dad or someone that the kids know well. Have them stand behind you and be super silly while you snap snap away.  The kids will LOVE it!

4) Get down to their eye level.  An adult crouched down to the child’s level is much less intimidating for the child…plus, photos just look better when taken from their eye level.:-)

5) If none of these techniques are working…totally stoop to bribery! For the smaller kids, getting ice cream after the photo session isn’t going to work.  Little guys need instant rewarding!  This means, carry a favorite small snack, toys or even candy in your bag.  Mini M&M’s are a favorite around our place!  The older kids can be bribed by getting a prize at the store afterward or whatever you decide on! Bribery is especially great for trying to get all of the kids in the same photo.  “Ok guys, we’re all going to sit here and watch Dad dance the silly monkey dance! If you all sit together and watch him I’ll give each of you a piece of candy!!! Yay!”  Caution: You’ll probably be amazed by how well this works. (and to answer your question, yes, I absolutely accept tips!  j/k)

Of course I could go on and on…these are just a few of the tricks I use to snap photos of my own kids and my client’s kids (candy only with permission from Mom first!)  I just wanted to share a bit of what I do to hopefully make it easier and more enjoyable to get great, sincere photos of your children. They don’t stay this small forever!

Don’t forget to step out from behind the camera every now and then. Hand it over to someone else to get some memorable photos of YOU with your kids!  Those captured memories are truly priceless…

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