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DIY "Newborn Nest" Newborn Posing Ottoman~ San Antonio Photographer

I have always been quite the DIY’er (do it yourself-er).  I’ve really kicked it up a notch since starting Nikki Sue Photography.   I wanted to embellish my photos with really adorable props in addition to the super cute San Antonio kids;-)  However, I became really discouraged when I realized how much all of the darling little props cost!  So, being the DIY’er I am, I decided I would teach myself how to create everything that I really wanted (within reason, of course).  I taught myself to crochet….no, not EVERYONE knows how to crochet! I bought a sewing machine, a hot glue gun and lots of fabrics!

Next on my list was a Newborn Nest. Not wanting to pay $95 plus shipping plus an additional $45 for filling from Walmart, the DIY’er in me decided to wing it and make my own. There are no tutorials out there for this that I could find.  Only people that posted pics saying “Look! I did it!”

I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased 4 yards of black vinyl  fabric for $28 (that was the only color they had at the time).

I created to circles about 42″ in diameter.  Update: To make the circles, I put a pen in the center and tied a string to it 21 in. in length.  I had my hubby hold the pen and I drew my cirlces that way!  So 1st grade-ish, but worked like a charm!
The sides are two separate pieces 15″ high, sewn together on one end and I sewed Velcro onto the other end for easy filling and to flip my project right-side out. I sewed the circles onto the sides and pulled it right-side out just like a pillow in 8th grade Home Ec class!!! Then I filled it.

Simple as that!  Mine took 4 bags of 3.5 cubic feet polystyrene foam beans from Walmart, which I had to order.

The seam between the two side pieces.
Seam #2 with the velcro for filling.   Pretty messy sewing…but I’m a total beginner, so who cares! It won’t be seen in the photos anyway!?
TA-DAAAA!!!   The finished product!?

My final dimensions are approx. 40″ in diameter, 14″ high.
It’s not perfect. I’m not a professional seamstress. But it works for what I need for only a fraction of the real deal!

4 yards vinyl fabric, 3-4 bags polystyrene bean bag filler, depending on the size you make your bag.  Mine is HUGE!

I do hope this is helpful to any of you wishing to make your own as well!

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  • Kayla Escamilla - It looks awesome I’m still confused on how you drew your circles.ReplyCancel

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    Make this tomorrow!!! Can’t wait, thanks SO much for
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  • Meagan Opel - Thank you so much! I love how you said that since you started your photography business you have kicked the DIY up a notch. I am in the same boat and have become a crocheting fool…lol.ReplyCancel

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  • Misty O'Dell - @[675466750:2048:Kelley Carpenter] nooooooo (at least not now lol) this is a photo prop, to pose newborns safely with :-)ReplyCancel

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  • Stephanie's Photographs - Cut a square with the sides each measuring the size you want. Find the middle. Draw a dot on the inside-out side (not on the good side of material). Cut a peice of rope the same length as your diameter plus 2 inches. Tie each end around a pen. Stand one pen on the dot you drew earlier. Have a friend hold it there tightly, but without putting a hole in the material. Strighten out the rest of the string attached to the other pen (hold it straght up/vertically). It should arrive near the sides of your square. IF not, ajust your knot so it does (a little short is fne). Then, as your partner secures the pen in the middle, you are going to crawl around the square, making sure that your pen draws a line as you move it aournd, creating a circle. Then when you’re done, you should have a circle drawn on your square that are about the same size. Trim the excess (corners) and voila!ReplyCancel

  • Nickeya Laycock - You’re welcome! I hope you find it helpful!ReplyCancel

  • Nickeya Laycock - Best of luck!

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